Have you ever desired to have your own beehive but have no Idea on how to take care of these delicate creatures? 

I will match you to a new hive located in a healthy non-toxic, crop free area....so you can get a clean, pure, raw, uncooked healthy honey. 

  My goal is to provide you with a quality hive and HONEY and maintain that hive throughout the years for its health and production of honey;  And at the same time help pollinate our little piece of the world.   
  I am on a mission to provide Northern California with enough honeybees to pollinate most of the inner city limits.  San Francisco, San Rafael, San Jose, San Mateo, Mill Valley, and most of the Bay area, plus any other city that is in need.  I need your help to do this. Your bees in the backyard can pollinate up to a 2 mile radius and can be a big part of bringing the numbers back.  However, without your support little will change for the good.
At least 60% of all the food we eat is directly dependent on the honeybee.  Our fruits, vegetables, and even our beef feed supply, such as, alfalfa and clover are intricately connected to the honeybee.  Please checkout the rest of the web site and contact me with any further questions....THANK YOU
Now you can Lease a Bee Hive from
anywhere & Get ALL the Honey! 
...and I do ALL the work! 
Great YouTube video about Bee troubles